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As of April 2022 I have Completed my EMDR training and I am ready to provide EMDR therapy sessions to those looking for a powerful way to Catharsis.

Congratulations to you for making the 1st step on a path towards learning about the parts of yourself that are in need of attention which will lead you to growth and feeling better. Your search for a therapist is proof that your journey has you or your loved one at the precipice of the path to healing.

I believe people come to therapy because they are experiencing a sense of pain, whether small amounts or large amounts. Pain leads people to seek relief from inner turmoil and in my office, a safe and comfortable place, we can work on helping you find that relief. Whether it’s a result of trauma, anxiety, depression, children suffering from family conflicts, struggles with daily life, feeling stuck, confusion about self, gender identity, relationship difficulties with family, friends, colleagues, etc., together, through a process, we can find a better way for you to grow and change in a healthy direction. During that journey it’s not about going to the past to fix your problems, it’s about going back to the past to learn from your problems. This work will help you use what you gained from exploring past & present to create an alternative outcome for present & future that you’re more confident about.

Currently, I am still predominantly seeing clients through telehealth. I see a limited amount of teens 12-17, in a live setting only on Monday’s in my Westport Office. I also hold live sessions for a limited amount of adults in the hours before school lets out on Monday.


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How I Approach Therapy

I perceive every person as a unique individual.

I approach therapy from a place of respect and collaboration.  I believe a prime objective in therapy is to help you find a strong sense of self in a safe environment where we can embark on a journey to establish an authentic relationship and examine what you need  to better express your thoughts, feelings and intentions. Finally, to discover your own inner wisdom to ultimately obtain relief, internal strength and accomplish your goals.

Today everyone of all ages are faced with more complex challenges than ever before.  I apply my clinical background, knowledge and intuitive skills to your experience, whatever age you are.

The influences of social media, family, school, work, social environments, social conflicts, the pressures of managing life, interpersonal relationships, all can increase emotional obstacles and result in conjuring underlying feelings of anxiety, depression, frustration, stress, anger, grief, loss, fears etc.

Therapy can assist you to address these pressures more effectively.

Together, we will collaborate on a committed, sincere and empathetic therapeutic rapport that will focus on healthy ways to minimize and resolve these struggles by creating opportunities for you to improve your mental health and enhance communication with your family members, friends, colleagues, peers and others.

We will explore ways to improve your decision-making abilities, your reactions regarding interpersonal relationships and learn new coping skills to get unstuck, produce transformation and increase personal safety.

I trust that people are where they are supposed to be and I do not believe in “should.”  I consider therapy a journey where all parties can cultivate growth, self awareness and self redirection in a positive way.

Since the therapeutic relationship is about holding up a mirror for you to better understand and see yourself, we are equally interchangeable as teacher and student throughout the process.


*For Parents seeking a therapist for their children, the search can seem like a daunting challenge.  Questions such as,

“Will I find a therapist who is helpful and is a good fit for my child?”

“Will the therapist judge me and my parenting skills?”


“Will the therapist deliver bad news about my child?”

These are intimidating thoughts and feelings, I never judge. I believe families can grow & evolve together. I highly regard this brave step you are taking to seek help.  I work with parents on ways to support their children’s growth, while protecting the young person’s privacy.

Contact me and together we can discuss what will be best for you and/or your child and figure out if my style is a good fit for us both to move forward.


My In-Person day is currently Monday’s in Westport, where I see mostly children between the ages of 12-17. Both adult & child availability is limited.

Wed-Fri I provide Telehealth sessions only to adults {ages17+}.

Occasionally a Sat morning Telehealth appointment will become available as those coveted times are reserved.


A little background info on me…

I received my Masters Degree from Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University in New York City in 2005. I was trained as a Clinician and Group Facilitator. I utilize an eclectic variety of modalities in my practice such as CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic/Jung Analysis, Carl Rogers/Humanistic, Person Centered, Strengths Based, Trauma Focused, Empowerment focused, Play therapy, etc.

As of Sept. 2020, I am now offering Clinical Supervision to Social Work Students needing supervisory hours to obtain their Clinical License.  Contact me to discuss rates.

I am Licensed in the State of Connecticut.  NPI#1073035465


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Contact Eve

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I accept Self Pay Clients

as well as…..


I participate with the following insurance plans.

In Network ~ Clients covered under these insurance plans are responsible for their copay at each visit and the deductible as applicable.:

CT Husky



Some plans under Anthem BCBS


*Please do not stress about my not being in your network.  If I’m an Out-of-Network provider on your plan, I will do my best to work with you regarding my fees and what your insurance carrier covers for Out-of-Network psychotherapists.

We can check your Out-of-Network deductible and we might find it’s workable.

I am happy to provide you with an invoice and in some cases, with the necessary information, I’m even willing to submit the Out-of-Network Claims for you.

I only ask that you please contact your own insurance plan’s member services to ask they provide us with the details of their “Out-of-Network provider payments” and your “out of pocket costs” (deductible and co-payments).

Feel free to contact me to obtain any information your insurance company requires to provide you with the necessary details.

In any case, we can discuss payment arrangements.


I accept Venmo(preferred), Zelle, ApplePay, Check or Cash.

Because I am charged fees, I am no longer accepting credit cards in my practice.

Because of previous problems with collecting payments on payment plans, I can no longer accept payment plans. Copays and session’s payments must be made at the time of session.

Cancellation Policy

Emergencies happen, my time is valuable and so is yours so, if you are unable to attend a scheduled session, please honor my time as I will always honor yours, and inform me of this cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Ask me about this policy in our 1st session & we can talk about my cancellation policy in detail.

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